Friday, March 18, 2016

Love Day

I made these simple love cookies and thought they were just adorable.

Nightmare After Valentine's Day

I had a good friend of mine ask me to make some Nightmare Before Christmas cookies; it was quite a challenge for me, but they turned out well.  I made the classic spiral hill, Jack Skellington's many faces, some Sally-inspired stitched hearts, and then some accent cookies.

New Karate Cookies!

Some family friends at the dojo were all testing for new karate belts in the same evening, I thought the occasion called for some karate cookies.  Congrats, guys!

Realtor Cookies

I have a friend that's a RE/MAX realtor and requested some cookies for an open house.  I had a good time making hot air balloons and houses, as well as cookies with her personal logo on them as well.