Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

It's no secret to anyone in my life that I do not like excess junk.  I don't like accumulating STUFF that just sits in my house without a purpose.  So again with my mantra that cookies are personal, memorable, AND consumable gifts (especially for the teachers out there that get 16 "A+ Teacher!" mugs at the end of each school year), I make cookies for my kids' teachers.  Lots of parents resort to gift cards, and I think those are great but lacking a personal touch.  The cookies I make show the teachers in my life that I care enough to take the time to make them a personal gift, and that I also care about their need for less junk accumulation, haha.  I have lots of orders for these at the end of each school year, and I really enjoy having fun with the designs.  I made a lot of designs similar to last year's teacher cookies, but I also added these woodgrain rulers that I really enjoy the look of.  Thanks for a great 2014/15 school year to all the teachers in our lives!  See you in the fall!

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