Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage Wedding Cookies

A friend of mine got married this past weekend and asked me for vintage-y looking cookies in light pinks, ivory, and gold.  I had no idea what to do until I found THIS life-changing tutorial and then I made my game plan.  To be honest, I just watched the making of the roses part of the tutorial and then my attention span flew out the window.  But I ran with it and I'm loving the results.  I made rose cookies, both bunches and bouquets, as well as brush embroidery flowers and lace.  I also did a little experimenting with trying woodgrain cookies as well.  The bride was using old palettes and wine barrels as display tables, so I thought a woodgrain cookie would add nicely to the feel of the cookies.

They all look great together and the bride loved them too! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Elmo Cookies

A friend of mine celebrated her son's second birthday today!  Here are the Elmo-themed treats requested for the occasion.  Sorry, I know the picture isn't that great, it's all I could snap before they went out the door this morning.

Bridal Shower Cookies

I made some cookies for a bridal shower this week.  Dress, ring, and calendars with circled date.

Baby Boy Cookies

Made some simple baby-blue and baby-green onesies, strollers, and hearts.  Baby love.

Mario-Themed Cookies 2014

Every time I get to make Mario cookies, I always have fun and make at least one new design!
  These have to be some of my favorites to make.  They are bright and colorful, simple to make, and kids love the mix of video games and baked goods!  The simplest designs pack the most punch - stars especially take so little time for such a great look.