Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lego Minifig Cookie Tutorial

So here we go, my second tutorial.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

My son's birthday party was this weekend, and my kids LOVE to do cookie decorating with the kids at their parties.  But sometimes kids get sick of just blobs of icing and sprinkles, so I though that I should do something a little different.  I decided that if I made "blank" minifigures, that the kids at the party could add their own faces and color some clothes in with food color markers (like the Wilton Foodwriters).  I was cheap and only bought 2 packs of Foodwriters (only 10 markers), but that was enough for the 8 kids around the table.  I really enjoyed making these Lego guys!

Someone bought me a minifig cookie cutter on eBay and I just had to try it out!  Perfect Lego men every time!

I started with yellow piping icing and did the hands and traced the head.

Then, to make sure I kept separation between the piped areas, I flooded the areas not touching eachother and then waited a while and finished the rest.

Ready for drying!

I also did ones with black pants as well.

And after a solid 24 hours of dry time, here we are, iced and ready to be colored by your young artists!
I chose to outline in black, I think it really makes it pop, but white outline would make it look a little smoother and still show that separation in the arms and legs.

Cookie Monster Cooookieeeees!

Om nom nom nom!

I was asked to make some Cookie Monster Cookies with some M&M chocolate chip with only blue M&Ms to match.  Love how these ones turned out.


Wild West Cookies!

Our church had a Wild West themed party this weekend, and I was asked to make some cookies for the occasion!  I had a blast making these ones.  I especially loved how the bandana print turned out (thanks for the help, Sugarbelle!).  I did the outlines of the cowboy boots and hats as wax paper transfers to get a consistent size on all the cookies, but other than that everything was freehand.