Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink & Grey Baby Cookies

I had lots of fun making these ones; the roses really gave the cookies dimension, and I added a little bit of shimmer with some pearl dust to make each cookie sparkle.

Mario Cookies 2013

I've always loved doing Mario-themed cookies and cupcakes over the years, and here is the latest group of sugar cookies.  When I originally did Mario cookies, I stuck to the star and block designs, but I've branched out to different designs just to get some more colour onto the plate.  I'm really happy with how the "fire flowers" (as my kids would call them) turned out; it was my first attempt with those ones!

Valentine's Day Heart Cookies

Valentine's Day has come with some heart-shaped cookies.  I played them up with some polka-dots and roses for added fun.  I love the black/white/red colour combinations, so I highlighted those and snuck in a touch of pink on a few of them.