Friday, March 18, 2016

Love Day

I made these simple love cookies and thought they were just adorable.

Nightmare After Valentine's Day

I had a good friend of mine ask me to make some Nightmare Before Christmas cookies; it was quite a challenge for me, but they turned out well.  I made the classic spiral hill, Jack Skellington's many faces, some Sally-inspired stitched hearts, and then some accent cookies.

New Karate Cookies!

Some family friends at the dojo were all testing for new karate belts in the same evening, I thought the occasion called for some karate cookies.  Congrats, guys!

Realtor Cookies

I have a friend that's a RE/MAX realtor and requested some cookies for an open house.  I had a good time making hot air balloons and houses, as well as cookies with her personal logo on them as well.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nativity Cookies

I've wanted to do nativity scene cookies for a long time, but it's a bit of a scary undertaking to make sure all the elements are properly done.  This year I finally bit the bullet and made my own take on them.  I did a grey gradient background with a slight sparkle, and a silhouette on top.  I love how they turned out!

Black and White Christmas Cookies

I love, love, love greyscale art and I love doing greyscale art on cookies!  Here are my favourite #blackandwhitechristmas cookies that I made this season!

Classic Christmas Cookies

It's been chaotic around here with Christmas cookies.  Here are some of the classics I made this season!